Standard & Special Bearings for the Mechanical Handling Industry

678, 348, 458 Bearings and Roller Turn Rollers

R T Bearings Ltd design, manufacture, stock and supply all types of bearings and wheels for use in all sectors of the mechanical handling industry.

Ranging from 22mm up to 300mm we specialise in the design and manufacture of bearings and wheels to operate in very hostile environments.

Our main product range is for 348, 458 and 678 conveyors. These include 59mm diameter 348 bearings, 80mm and 82.5mm diameter 458 bearings, 125.4mm diameter 678 bearings and all sizes of Roller Turn Rollers.

These types of bearings are extensively used by all car manufacturers and we have supplied our products all over Europe, America and South Africa.

We make sure that all our 458, 458 and 678 bearings, which are designed and manufactured in house, are of exceptional quality and robustness in order to work successfully and safely in all industries.

All our 348, 458 and 678 range can be supplied with steel cages or full compliment type. They can be Open type or triple Labyrinth type and we can supply them fitted to the appropriate forged bracket if required.

As for our Roller Turn Rollers, these are also manufactured in house and are available in any size to suit your needs. Our engineers will work closely with you from the design stage to the final creation to ensure your product meets all your requirements. We use CAD combined with CNC machinery to produce superior high quality surface finish for all our bearings and Roller Turn Rollers.

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Standard and special bearings