Quality Policy Statement


R.T.Bearings Ltd recognises that its customers’ requirements for the quality and reliability of its products and the punctuality of their delivery are of paramount importance. R.T.Bearings Ltd’s aims and objectives are to operate practices and procedures, which ensure that these requirements are achieved.

Responsibility for these practices and procedures rests with the Managing Director. The company ensures that the practices and procedures, which are incorporated into the company’s documentation systems and which are established through the Quality Management System, are maintained and continually reviewed.

The company is committed to ensuring the continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System ( which is in line with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 ), the promotion of a culture of continual improvement throughout the company and endeavours to achieve total customer satisfaction through the quality of its service.

In addition R.T.Bearing Ltd recognises its obligation, legal and moral, to adopt and follow safe working Practices.

Further, the company recognises that its organisational goals and the expectations and needs of its customers may vary from time to time and will therefore review its policy on quality at regular intervals to ensure its continual suitability.

We are Quality Assured and ISO 9001:2015 approved.

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Quality Statment
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